Happy Lunar New Year!

It is technically still the new year, isn't it? I think so, anyway.

No pictures from the celebrations, because

1) I was stuck in KL on the eve of the new year, as well as on the first day, and I didn't bring my camera
2) By the time I got back to SG most of the visiting was done, so =(

Notes from this year: Not enough mahjong, too much travelling (why Malaysia, why) and a very disappointing haul, ang pow money wise. I swear the rates are the same as they were TEN YEARS AGO (no, really). This is unacceptable, really, especially since I need all the money I can get for our dream grad trip/advance honeymoon (no, really. I mean, I figure we'll be too poor after this trip to afford a honeymoon ANYWAY so what the hell) to the U.S.

Speaking of that, though, this is also why I am uber excited now about ALL the free stuff now because, well, it's free. I've scored a free Starbucks card and $20 worth of shopping vouchers so far, and I'm participating in this social science study to earn another $30, so YAY FOR FREE STUFF.

I kind of miss having toned legs. I keep sliding up and down the hotness scale due to completely arbitrary factors like my mood/the weather/my general psychological well-being and this has got to stop. If only I had enough motivation to start exercising again ;_;

Here are some completely gratuitous pictures of me because this is my blog and I can:

The day before CNY, and:

Second day of CNY. I am a lot in love with this dress, even though it is generally too long for me/impossible to walk in.

Annnnnnd that is all. Happy Lunar New Year, everybody!


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