Spruce Cafe & Bakery

Last weekend, we headed to Spruce for dinner with V's family. I don't usually go to these out of the way places, because a) I don't drive, b) I've always considered these places to be a little bit pretentious, but! Spruce was very pretty. A little pricey, but the risotto I had was delicious, so all is forgiven.

They had outdoor seating, but being spoilt brats we opted for indoor air conditioning.

Another point in their favour: they had a DESSERT COUNTER. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.


Oh god get in me. I really wanted a slice of this, but we ordered too much food so we were too stuffed for dessert ;_;

A hungry dragon is a pouty dragon. *SQUISHES*

Our first appetiser -  mini Kurobuta meatball burgers.  They were pretty tasty; very flavourful and very easy to eat.

V eying the burgers.

We also ordered bread with dips! There was one particular tuna spread that I really liked.

Still my favourite brand of cider! I'm a lightweight so all I really like is cider/sweet cocktails, and Rekorderlig is just delish.

My risotto! The rice was delightfully soft and just infused with mushroomy goodness. Definitely my favourite dish of the night.

Another picture of cake just because.

School has started again ;_; so I have no idea if I'll be able to update this space more frequently.


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