Happy birthday, Mo!

It's going to be my mum's birthday tomorrow, but since it's a weekday we decided to have an early birthday celebration for her over the weekend. We decided on this v delicious Japanese restaurant at East Village Hotel. They have the BEST grilled salmon belly, but when we got there it was all sold out =( Nevertheless, everything else was also very delicious, so \o/

I can't remember what this place is called, but it's on the first floor of the hotel, so you can't miss it! Great food and very affordable prices. It's just a pity it's so out of the way (the hotel is situated right smack in Changi V).

Our appetizer! I don't actually know what this was. It tasted a bit like dried pork floss. Not that tasty, unfortunately.

V being ridiculously unglam. AS USUAL.

Look at me all artistic, taking pictures of hands and shit. In my defense I was bored + REALLY HUNGRY.


I'm not a fan of sashimi myself, but I thought these looked pretty good.

Agedashi tofu!

And a picture of my main: teriyaki beef steak with foie gras. The beef? Not so great. The foie gras? DELICIOUS. I make no apologies for my love of foie gras. I just. IT'S SO GOOD.

Bacon and asparagus skewers! Also pretty good.

We actually ordered quite a bit more food, including sukiyaki, but I was really hungry by then so, um. No pictures of those, hahaha.

It was a good night, overall. This week has been ridiculously stressful. I'm not even sure why. Maybe it's all the deadlines converging at once, or something.


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