We went to Kyungju last Friday with a couple of friends just to sight-see. There's a World Heritage Site at Kyungju (we saw a huge fenced off plot of land that used to belong to the rulers of the Silla Dynasty) as well as lots of royal tombs, which basically just looked like random hills on the landscape. The weather was pretty warm, though, which was great, and the trees were just breathtaking. There really wasn't much to do there (we only stayed there a day and managed to visit quite a few places) but the scenery. I don't think I would want to live there (there honestly weren't that many restaurants or shops around, hahaha) but I would have loved to have just sat under a tree with a book. It's just too bad we were so rushed for time.

One of the tombs! Yes, that's how big they were on average. I probably shouldn't have been posing on someone's grave, but, eh.

We had to pay to get into here. I think it used to be part of some palace's grounds, and there were more tombs in there, but it was so lovely. (Wait, why is there a Coke machine in here??? How incongruous is that?)

It was a good day for pictures, alright. I will miss fall so much.

I LOVE the trees with red leaves. I wish we had more of these in Seoul.

Later on that evening we went to another palace, and that place was pretty cool too. They even had some artifacts from the era on display, but I was too busy photographing the grounds to really take notice.

This place was stunning once the sun set and the lights came on, but I couldn't get any proper pictures once it got too dark. I wish my camera had a better night mode.

We also went to Busan, but I don't have as many pictures of it because it's basically just another city. We did go to a huge fish market, though (and had some very unappetizing eel) so I will probably blog about that soon too.

How have all you guys been? <3


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