San Diego

Picture dump. You have been warned.

YES I realise that I was supposed to finish blogging about my graduation trip months ago. Now that I am unemployed and bumming around (cue bitter laughter lol) I finally have the time to post these pictures up!!! Plus I really want to have somewhere where I've put up most of my pictures in a coherent manner, though tbh they've been on FB for months. Then again, FB is so terrible for looking at pictures so this makes much more sense, y/y?


I loved San Diego. Just loved it. We were only there for two days, so we didn't get to see much, but everything was just so beautiful. I had some of the best risotto ever at Old Town, we chilled out next to a huge stadium and it was just so relaxing, the weather was amazing etc etc. I WILL BE BACK, SAN DIEGO.

First up: Old Town, San Diego.

How can you not love this place? Look at the buildings! It's a general store! Look, a giant inflatable Corona! Sorry. I'm just easily impressed.

Mmm Mexican food. I could use some chili right now.

Obligatory picture of the Squishyface. He is displeased about the fact that they don't actually have giant bottles of Corona. ILU SQUISHYFACE.

We also went into a giant candy store because, well, CANDY. Will you just look at all that candy??? We showed restraint, though. Lots of restraint.

See? All I got was this tiny piece of fudge. WHICH WAS GREAT BTW.

Sadly it was not Happy Hour when we were there.

 Andddd I have more pictures from San Diego. On to the next post so this one doesn't get too long!


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