CNY 2014

Annnnnnd here are the belated pictures from Chinese New Year:

But first, a family photo!

Happy New Year, everybody! Yes, yes, I get that CNY is technically over for the year, but still. CNY is always great. There's tons of food, we get to play mahjong + other assorted games of chance like the hardcore gamblers (ahem, Chinese) we are, and everyone gets together for a giant gossip fest. I love CNY.

My mother always puts in an inordinate amount of effort during CNY. By virtue of having been married to the eldest son (plus the fact that my grandparents used to live with us before they passed away), the relatives always end up coming to our place, so my mother ends up cooking meals for close on to twenty people all at once. Luckily for us, though, she is an exceptional chef, so we're always, always getting amazing food during CNY.

Home made ngoh hiang in the works! Yum.

As usual, my cousin is the only one to help with the food, hahahahaha.

Spoon the meat in the beancurd skin....

....and roll.

Oh my god I am so hungry right now.

My sister is understandably quite gleeful.

THERE. This is me with no makeup or contacts or combed hair. As if we needed any more proof just how much of a difference makeup makes! Believe me, I too am amazed. Observe:

Yeah yeah I get it, it's like I'm a whole other person. But look how shiny my dress is! Rhinestones!

Can we also talk about how infuriating it is that all my little cousins are taller than I am now? Including the one a whole decade (the bespectacled boy on the far left) younger than I am? I used to hold them when they were babies, you guys. Babies. This is unacceptable.

Also it is uncanny how easy it is to group the pairs of siblings in this picture.

I feel like this should be on my CNY greeting card for next year or something, hehe.


 Stop it, Snowball.

Annnnd a last, oddly photogenic shot with the sister.

Hope y'all had a great New Year too <3


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