long overdue picture post

I apologise for the lack of entries (and outfit posts)! I have been very busy, and it is much too cold now to even think about putting together a decent winter outfit. I should probably update this place more, but I always feel as if I should only post when I have something interesting to say, and I rarely do, so =/ In any case!

We went to Jeonju, the birthplace of bibimbap, about one month ago. It was still fall then and absolutely lovely. I miss fall so much =( It was pretty funny how the entire town was practically deserted (even around the express bus terminal, where we were dropped off) except for the Hanok village. Apparently everyone was hanging out there that Sunday afternoon. Observe:

Oh, fall. I miss when there were still leaves on the trees and everything.

I was sorely tempted to get that Pikachu balloon but I...did not. Yay, self-restraint!

They had these...canals? mini drains? everywhere in the village, and they were so pretty to look at. I would have taken off my shoes and walked in the water if it hadn't been so cold, hahaha.

Faux artsy shot courtesy of V.

Another faux artsy shot, courtesy of me this time. Ahaha.

A really, really lovely cafe that we passed but didn't have the time to stop at. We spent ages alone in that spot just taking pictures, though.

I love that they put these shops in the old buildings. I don't know enough about art or architecture to know what something like this is called, but I really like the look of it.

That sky <3 data-blogger-escaped-img="" data-blogger-escaped-src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7150/6574613137_c557cfa78a_z.jpg">

Overpriced bibimbap that, tragically, tasted the same as the ones we have in Seoul. At least they gave us a whole bunch of side dishes, haha. Including, of course, this:

Our magical pot of egg that was spouting steam like a tea kettle. Very fun to watch. And delicious.

I miss fallllllll. It is so cold now it's not even funny anymore. It's a good thing I get to escape back home for a while in about three weeks. Winter pictures up soon, once I stop having mountains of Korean homework to do.


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