San Diego: Part 2

Two posts in one day! Look at how industrious I'm becoming.

So! The pictures from here are mainly from the Gaslamp Quarter/a stadium close to the Gaslamp Quarter that I forgot the name of. Had amazing risotto here. We were here during the evening and everything was just very peaceful. There was supposed to be a game that night, but while we were there everything was still pretty quiet. We didn't actually get to go into the stadium, unfortunately, so all pictures were taken from the outside.

Faux artistic couple shot. (Well, no, it just means my friend didn't know how to focus =P)

Squishyface accidentally channelling Miley. YOU HAVE BEEN JUDGED. Also that wasn't real grass that they were sitting on, which is probably why it was so comfortable. I mean, NO BUGS, you guys.

And that was the end of San Diego! I wish we'd gone to the zoo and the aquarium but there just wasn't time (plus it was kind of expensive).  I will be back, though!!! Someday. Now begins our super grueling eighteen hour drive (yeah, I kid you not) from San Diego to San Francisco. My friend wanted to take Route 1, which proved not to be as scenic as expected, but we did make a lovely pit stop next to the beach.

Man. Can you imagine waking up to this view? What even.

We would have lingered, but we also really wanted to get to San Francisco/were really annoyed at having to drive for so long/dead beat. Word of warning, guys: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. JUST FLY OR STH.

SF was really pretty great, too. But more later.


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