It was just the start of 2012, you guys. This is starting to get ridiculous.

Tomorrow I start school again (SAD FACES ALL AROUND) and if I don't write this down now I'll probably never get around to doing it, so here goes.

In 2013, I want to: 1. Try harder, and stop giving up so easily. I also want to be able to stop taking rejection so personally.

2. Be more responsible, since I kind of have to be now. I don't know the first thing about running a club (even a teeny tiny one like mine) but I do not want to screw this up.

3. Take more risks. Sing in front of a crowd. Be less inhibited, less wary of strangers, more tolerant of acquaintances.

4. Have more friends (SAD BUT TRUE). Work at my existing friendships, and decide, once and for all, which of these aren't working anymore. Have the courage to walk away from the latter.

5. Be a better girlfriend/fiancee because WOW HOW DOES HE PUT UP WITH ME

6. Be more positive, and appreciative, and less afraid of the unknown.

7. Start making plans (FOR REALZ) about the future, intimidating as that always is.

8. Be a better owner and let my bunnies run around the house more. Or neuter Snowball so that he and Ginny can (hopefully) live together after that.

YES OBV I WAS STARTING TO RUN OUT OF ~RESOLUTIONS~. tbh tho the last one is just as important as any.

Here's to a better year, everyone <3


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